Reflection Simulation

Grades 6th - 12th by Ankush Naskar
Instructions : Drag the torch to different positions to see how the light ray reflects off the mirror.

What is Reflection?

When light rays bounce off a reflective surface, it is called reflection.

What is Incident Ray? What is Reflected Ray?

A ray of light that falls on a mirror is called the incident ray. The light ray reflecting away from the mirror is called the reflected ray.

What is the Normal, Angle of Incidence and Reflection?

A normal is a line drawn perpendicular to the reflective surface at the point where incident ray hits the surface. Angle of the incident ray to the normal is called the angle of incidence. Similarly, angle of the reflected ray to the normal is called the angle of reflection.

What is the Law of Reflection?

The law of reflection states that the angle of incidence is equal to the angle of reflection when a light ray reflects off a surface.

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