Conductivity Simulation

Grades 6th - 8th by Animan Naskar
air   (insulator)
Instructions : Drag and drop a material into the drop area (dashed grey box) and find out if it is a conductor or insulator.

What is Electricity or Electric Current?

Electricity is the steady flow of charges. In a closed circuit, the continuous flow of negatively charged electrons through conductive material such as metallic wire is known as electric current.

What is a Conductor?

A conductor is a material that allows easy flow of electric current when a voltage is applied across it. Examples - silver, copper, gold, aluminum, graphite, seawater.

What is an Insulator?

An insulator is a material that inhibits the flow of electric current. Examples - plastic, glass, rubber, wood, distilled water.

What is a Circuit?

A circuit is a closed path through which electric current flows. It usually has a source of electricity, such as a battery, a conducting path made of wires, and other components such as a switch and a load.

Basic Parts of a Circuit -

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